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(12/7/2010 AGENDA)

TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council

FROM: Gene R. Smallwood, P.E.; Director of Public Works

SUBJECT: CONSIDER AND ACTon a request to install a crosswalk across Hillcrest at Purdue

As a result of a recent accident at the intersection of Hillcrest and Purdue, staff received a petition from residents requesting that the City install a crosswalk across Hillcrest at that location.  Furthermore, the request suggested the City should install flashing in-pavement LEDs and advance warning signs similar to the crosswalk at Lovers Lane in front of University Park Elementary School.  Staff reviewed the request with traffic engineer Dannie Cummings, who suggested four options:

1)   Crosswalk  Place pavement markings and install the MUTCD signs for a crosswalk. Some residents are reluctant to walk down to Lovers to cross Hillcrest at the signal, and this would provide an alternative.  Cost - $500.

2)   Flashing Beacon or In-Pavement LEDs  Place pavement markings and install flashing beacons / in-pavement LEDs and requisite MUTCD signs for a crosswalk.  Residents may be given a false sense of security with either the beacons or the in-pavement LEDs, because there is an erroneous perception that it is safe to enter the crosswalk as soon as the lights are activated.  The flashing beacon / LED does NOT require traffic to stop.  The pedestrian is required to activate the lights and seek an appropriate gap in the traffic stream before entering the crosswalk.  Once in the crosswalk, the pedestrian has the right of way.  Cost - $7,500 / $75,000.

3)   Traffic Signal  Place pavement markings and install a traditional traffic signal. Although not recommended for a crosswalk situation, installation of a traffic signal provides the safest conditions for pedestrians to cross Hillcrest.  Cost - $120,000.

4)   No Action


Staff requests direction from the City Council as to how to proceed.

Petition - Crosswalk
In-Pavement LED