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(11/6/2012 AGENDA)

TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council

FROM: Robbie Corder, Director of Community Development

SUBJECT: CONSIDER AND ACTto provide direction to staff on a request by the Park Cities YMCA to amend Planned Development District PD-12


During its regular meeting on October 16, 2012 the City Council addressed a request by the Park Cities YMCA (PCY) for additional square footage above the 52,000 sq. ft.  approved by the City Council.  The request is for an additional ten percent (10%) of non-activity space, which would increase the maximum square footage of the development to 57,200.  The City Council announced at that meeting they would provide direction to staff at the November 6th meeting.  

Staff specifically requests direction from the City Council with regard to the size of the proposed development and any specific direction regarding PD conditions and the residential parking district.  As more than 20% of the properties within 200 feet of the subject site are opposed to the proposed zoning amendment, approval of this request will require a vote of at least four members of the City Council. 

The following items have been attached:

  • A side-by-side comparison of PD conditions as developed by staff and the Planning & Zoning Commission versus the PD conditions most recently submitted by the PCY.   Conditions on the left side of the document were developed through the public hearing process with P&Z and staff.   Conditions on the right side of the document were developed and submitted by the PCY.
  • A summary map of responses received by University Park residents before the City Council voted to limit the maximum size to 52,000 square feet.
  • Summary map of responses received after the Oct. 16 Council meeting through Oct. 31.
  • Draft Residential Parking District ordinance and petition. 
  • Table provided by PCY summarizing square footage breakdown.    

Side-by-side Comparison PD Conditions
Summary Map of Responses before Council Approval of 52,000 sq. ft.
Summary Map of Responses Since 10/16 City Council Meeting
Draft Residential Parking District Ordinance
Table of Square Footage Breakdown Provided by PCY