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(12/18/2012 AGENDA)

TO: Honorable Mayor and City Council

FROM: Gary W. Adams, Chief of Police

SUBJECT: CONSIDER AND ACTon an amendment to Section 12.07.003 of the Code of Ordinances regulating processions, parades and public assembly


Due to the upcoming opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the anticipated demonstrations, staff is recommending a slight modification to Section 12.07.003 of the City Code of Ordinances as they are related to public assemblies and/or demonstrations.

The recommended amendment prohibits the wearing of masks near areas of parades and public assemblies.

The purpose of this revision is to assist law enforcement in identifying individuals who may be involved in illegal activicties during a protest/demonstration.  This restriction has been implemented in other cities for special events.

Staff recommends this update to Section 12.07.003 of the Code of Ordinances

Public Assembly Ordinance