Baby Sharks Water Exploration - 2023BABYSHARKS

Baby Sharks Water Exploration


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Baby Sharks Water Exploration

Meeting Details

Time: 9:15 am - 10:00 am
Days: Tue, Thu
Holmes Aqua Center
3501 Lovers Lane
University Park, TX, 75225


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Baby Sharks Water Exploration

Welcome to our Baby Sharks Water Exploration series. Adhering to the following parent guidelines will assist your family in having a positive experience at the pool.

Our staff looks forward to a very positive experience with you, and we commend you for taking time to introduce your children to the aquatic environment.

Class Objectives:

- To build water confidence skills for both the parent and child.
- Provide a wide variety of water activities allowing parents to explore the water in an enjoyable and safe manner with their children
- Provide guidelines for developing correct body position and movement skills

Session Details:

- The “Baby Shark” program is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:15-10:00 AM
- Four (4) Sessions will be offered for Summer 2022: Two June sessions and Two July sessions
- Each session includes four (4), 45-minute long classes
- Program fee is $100 per child

Parent Guidelines:

- Arrive early to enter the large pool area prior to class start time, but do not enter the pool until the instructor signals you to do so.
- The temperature of the large pool ranges from 82-90+ degrees, however be sure to bring several towels to the pool for your child/children to wrap up in after class.
- You must provide at least 1 adult, 18 years or older, to accompany your child in the water… consistency is of course preferred to develop trust and experience.
Both parents may participate in the class.
- Swimmers must wear swim diapers. They may be disposable or reusable swim diapers. Both are available for purchase at the front office.
- Do not bring other children to sit and observe the class. Grandparents or other adults are allowed to observe, but not participate in the class itself.
- Inflatable objects will not be allowed during class time (please leave them at home).

If you have any questions about our “Baby Shark” program, please feel free to contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Robert Coleman at (214) 987-5495 or email

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Charge When Not Billed:
Participant (Standard Fee): $100.00
Charge When Not Billed:
Participant (Standard Fee): $100.00
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